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Fall Colors…

Living along the Blue Ridge Parkway is a treat year round, but especially so during the fall leaf season.  Given the amount of rain we have have been blessed with and the mild temperatures our tress should explode in bright colors this year.

Take a look at this Fall Color Tracker provided by Blue Ridge Parkway Daily to plan your visit to our mountain top road.  

Please include attribution to blueridgeparkwaydaily.com with this graphic.

Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Color Tracker

Aug 19 2013
Jun 27 2013
There’s something wrong with those colors.

Steve Jobs, upon seeing the bricks being used to create the Pixar headquarters.

He had wanted the brick pattern to be like the Hills Brothers Coffee building in San Francisco. And, as Craig Payne, the senior design project manager at Pixar notes:

Sure enough, they took the production brick and they built another panel next to the one that he approved, and one of the colors was off.

Attention to detail. Always.

[via 9to5Mac]

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